How Solar Holler works for you

No matter how much solar saves in the long run, it doesn't matter if normal families can't afford the upfront costs. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to making solar easy and affordable for West Virginian families. We've driven prices lower through bulk purchasing; we've deployed the best technology; and built payment programs so that your family can quickly and affordably switch to solar, without any upfront costs.  Your power bills go down, and get replaced by a fixed monthly payment that looks about the same as your old utility bill. The best part? Those monthly solar payments don't change--even as your power company's prices go up year after year.  

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Design & Analysis

We know the feeling. You've stared at your beautiful, sunny roof  and wondered: are solar panels are in its future?  You've looked at your electric bill and wondered, how am I going to afford this? Solar Holler is here to help families, businesses, farms, and non-profits across West Virginia cut their energy bills with clean energy.  From an initial site review to the financing to installing a beautiful solar array, we'll help at every step.  We're happy to provide a free solar assessment to folks here in West Virginia to ensure you're making a solid investment for your future. 


Crafting Payment Options 

Our very first project won Interfaith Power & Light’s National Renewable Role Model award for our first-of-its-kind crowdfunding program with non-profits.  We use our deep knowledge of energy policy and financing to build programs that work—even in Appalachia.  We'll design and engineer the perfect system for your home and needs, while working with you to figure out a payment plan that makes solar affordable for your family.

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Solar Holler is a full service solar developer and installer for all West Virginians.  We are a rare breed—a fully licensed electrical contracting firm with policy and financing expertise, a finger on the pulse of cutting edge technology, and an absolute commitment to using the power of solar energy to revitalize Appalachian communities. Our team of trained, professional, and talented electricians and installers will leave you with a beautiful, reliable solar array that saves you money decade after decade.