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Our Values

We relentlessly pursue bringing solar within reach of those who need it most, while building a new economy in Appalachia.  

We are unapologetically West Virginian.  This is our home, our state, and you'll hear us talk about it.  A lot.   

We strive to build as much good as we can into every project.  That's why we got our start working with faith communities.  We use our deep knowledge of energy policy and financing to build programs that work—for people and places that have been left out by the rest of the solar industry. 

We are proud of our work, and feel a deep responsibility to do it right, do it well, and do it quickly.  A just transition to clean energy for Appalachia will not happen on its own—we must lead. 

We care about the groups and families we work with, and we always approach projects with their needs in focus.  There is no cookie cutter project; every program and project we build we view as a work of art. 

We are a rare breed—a fully licensed electrical contracting firm with policy and financing chops, a finger on the pulse of cutting edge technology, and an absolute commitment to using the power of solar energy to revitalize Appalachian communities.