2.) We're building a 3D model of your site, and will soon reach out for a copy of a recent energy bill.  Why?

     Power you produce on your roof, is power you don't pay for from the energy company. How much do you pay for your power, and how much do you use in a given year? It's all in your power bill!  We'll take a look so that we can get you an accurate proposal

3.) We'll run simulations on your site, and give you a comprehensive proposal in no time.

     We overlay weather data, and take into account what direction your structure is facing, and how much rooftop space you have. We put your 3D model into a simulation, passing the sun through the sky every day of the year, to see how solar will really perform at your location. Pretty cool huh?!

     You'll have the power of numbers, and a team of professionals helping make your solar dreams a reality; it's our pleasure, seriously! Thanks for reaching out, some solar someone will be in touch with you shortly!


    Solar Holler