We help Appalachian businesses mine the sun for clean, affordable energy that will power communities at work.



Solar 101

Renewable electricity from your solar panels can power your life--including your lights, your music, your kitchen, and even your car.  Whether your home is downtown or up a holler,  Solar Holler will help you every step of the way.

When West Virginians own their solar panels, something simple, yet magical, happens.  Power bills go down.  When the sun is out, the panels produce electricity, wires carry the electricity into your garage or basement to an inverter (the electrical brains), and it spins your meter backwards--reducing the amount you buy from the utility.  It's like owning a personal power plant.  

Of course there's more to it, but that's why we're here.  Have questions?  Just ask us.

solar is finally affordable

No matter how much solar saves in the long run, it doesn't matter if businesses can't afford the upfront costs.   That's why we've made it easy and affordable.  We've driven prices lower through bulk purchasing; we've deployed the best technology; and lined up financing so that your business or farm can quickly and affordably switch to solar.  

Get plugged into incentives like:

  • 30% Federal Tax Credit on Renewable Energy & battery storage
  • Accelerated Depreciation 6 year term
  • USDA Rural Energy grants for qualifying businesses

The end result?  Your power bills go down, and get replaced by a fixed monthly loan payment that can save you money on Day 1 compared to your old utility bill.   The best part?  Those monthly solar payments don't change--even as utility prices go up.  




the best solar equipment

We only use the best equipment.  It's the only thing acceptable when we're building a system that's going to last a generation.  For the panels themselves, we work with the talented engineers at Panasonic, LG, and Samsung (S-Energy).  Every panel we install is backed by a 25 year warranty from a large company that has stood the test of time.  The inverters (the electrical brains of your solar system) are manufactured by SolarEdge.  They're the largest inverter providers in America, with the best technology.  That allows each Solar Holler system to get more power from each panel, and gives homeowners the ability to see how each individual panel is performing.  Solar Holler is proud to offer a 10 year workmanship warranty on all installations.

Interested in batteries for when the grid goes down?  We work with LG Chem to deploy the latest in sleek battery technology.  


how we help

We're the experts in making solar work in West Virginia.  If there's a path forward, we've found it.  

We'll design and engineer the perfect system for your businesses specific needs, and handle all the paperwork.  Then our team of trained, professional, & talented electricians and installers will leave you with a beautiful solar array that just works and saves you money decade after decade.


Can solar work for you?

For the majority of West Virginians, solar works at work.  What do we look for? If you don't have giant shade trees, and don't have too many rooftop obstructions, your site will likely be a good fit.  

We're here to help you figure out what's best in your case.  We'll fire up the satellite, crunch the numbers, and get you all the data you need to make a good decision for you.  Your proposal will include a 3D model of your home and solar panels, how much power your system will produce, a full utility bill analysis, and a 25 year pro-forma and cash flow projections.

Get started below, and we'll get to work for you...