How Solar Holler and Coalfield Development are training a generation of West Virginia solar installers

Transition in Appalachia.  It's something lots of people daydream about.  But it's something we're living and breathing here at Solar Holler every day--it's at the core of our mission.   We believe that Appalachia has a sunny future ahead, but we have to work together to build new opportunities that fit in the 21st Century.

That's why we partnered with the nonprofit educational and job-creation engine of Coalfield Development.  Through our partnership--the first solar training and apprenticeship program in West Virginia--we're getting young people in coalfield counties of West Virginia their training and certifications, and real boots-on-the-roof solar experience.  It wasn't enough to stick folks behind a desk with a book.  In our view, the classroom is on the job, and you're going to earn a living while learning.

Enjoy this incredible video, highlighting the heart of our work here in the region, and some of the incredible folks at Coalfield Development who make up the workforce leading positive change. It is change that some of our people desperately need, and that we all deeply deserve. 

Thanks to our friends at The Solar Foundation and many others for the feature and all of our friends and colleagues in and about West Virginia who are helping make this work possible!

And guess what? You can become part of this rich story; you can go solar too. It's happening, right now, right here in West Virginia, and we at Solar Holler can show you how.

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