We believe that revitalizing West Virginia’s economy with hometown energy will take all of us working together—with doers, thinkers, and supporters in every holler in the state.  That’s why we’re working closely with community groups, churches, municipalities, and non-profits of every stripe to build programs and projects that make efficiency and solar affordable and accessible.


Solar Holler isn’t your typical company.  We're a social enterprise that is focused on bringing clean and local energy within reach of those who need it most--Appalachia's community organizations, non-profits, municipalities, and our low-income neighbors.  Why is our focus there?  

Because every dollar a church, or a library, or a municipality doesn't spend on utility bills means another dollar is going toward improving our towns and communities.  

Because West Virginia's miners and their families powered America's growth and cities during the 20th Century.  If we have anything to do with it, we'll power America throughout the 21st Century, too--with clean, renewable energy.

And, most importantly, because these hills and hollers are home.