Repowering Appalachia 

with Hometown Energy


For the first time, libraries, affordable housing organizations, non-profits and churches across West Virginia are going solar.  Using Solar Holler's innovative financing programs, all an organization needs is interest and public support to save money with clean hometown energy.

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Completed Projects


Shepherdstown Presbyterian Church

In a first of its kind project (and Solar Holler's pilot project), 100 families and businesses in Shepherdstown crowd funded a solar system for the Presbyterian Church by putting electricity savings from their water heaters to work for the Church.  The 60 panel, 16.2 KW system went live in August 2014!  

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Bolivar-Harpers Ferry Library

In Solar Holler's second project, more than 50 families in Berkeley and Jefferson Counties signed up to make this 12 panel, 3 kW system happen.  The system went live in February, 2015 and is putting clean, homegrown electricity into our grid!



Bring solar to your holler!

We know the feeling. You've stared at your beautiful, sunny roof  and wondered: are solar panels are in its future?  Solar Holler is here to help non-profits and community organizations across West Virginia go solar.  We will help from an initial site review  to the financing to setting up the installation.   Fill out this little form to see what could make sense for you.

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