Dan Conant, Founder

Born and raised in Jefferson County, West Virginia, Dan is thrilled to come back home to help build a new industry that will strengthen towns and communities all across the state—so that native West Virginians like him won’t have to move away to find good jobs.

With a Masters in energy policy from Johns Hopkins, and a track record of success building community-scale solar programs from Virginia to Vermont, Dan is focused on finding creative ways to make solar affordable--and won't take "maybe someday" for an answer.   When he’s not dreaming up a new solar program, you’ll find Dan walking the C&O Canal with his wife Laura and his baby Lucy attached to his hip (literally).  



Laura Nagel

Hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Laura is inspired by grassroots energy movements and is excited to be part of WV’s energy transformation.

After earning a Masters in natural resources from the University of Vermont, Laura enjoyed working in energy efficiency programs in Vermont and Virginia before the mountains of West Virginia called to her.

In addition to designing snazzy graphs and making lists for just about everything, Laura enjoys chasing after husband Dan and baby Lucy on the C&O Canal (they’re fast) and heating up the kitchen with new recipes.




Danny grew up in the D.C. suburbs but found his home in the hills and valleys of West Virginia.  He started organizing in West Virginia from the moment he started at Shepherd University.  He graduated with a bachelor's in Political Science and a passion for justice.  He has spent almost a decade logging time with the Student Environmental Action Coalition, the Keeper of the Mountains Foundation, the Sierra Club and more.  

He now lives with his wife and three kids raising chickens, planting gardens, and hanging out with their dogs.  He goes to every Washington Nationals game he can get to and dreams that someday he'll actually catch a home run without dropping it.

Brandon nicolosi

A recent graduate of Shepherd University in Environmental Sustainability, Brandon began his career working at the USDA studying pest management.  Since then, he's branched out into his more passionate interested around renewable energy and promoting sustainable lifestyles.  From designing new solar installations to reaching out to people across West Virginia, he hopes to develop solar power in all corners of our state.  Brandon's interests extend to just about every outdoor activity, especially if it involves his Husky.